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Cover Images

Sometimes cover images may not be accurate. Please contact us if you're looking for a specific cover.

Out of Stock Books

We sell on various platforms and it can (and does) happen that a book you order is out of stock. In such instances we try to source the book but if we're unable to, we'll refund you or you can choose another book to the same value. We can also offer reward points for a future purchase.

Book Descriptions

We try to provide accurate information about each book but mistakes can creep in. Please read the book details under the Additional Information tab if you are looking for a specific edition of a book.


Sometimes we'll send a parcel with a different courier than the one you selected. This will be for our cost. If you feel strongly about using a specific courier, please add that in the Comments section during Checkout.

BidorbuyDue to escalating charges we no longer sell on bidorbuy. We have a 99.73% positive feedback rating on Bidorbuy where we are a trusted seller and have been selling since 2013!