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1 . Is it safe to buy on your website?

We have done as much as we can to make it as safe as possible to buy from us.

  • We don't save any credit card information on our site and we also don't process payments on our website.
  • We use off-site, well-established payment gateways (Payfast and PeachPayments) for payment processing. These payment gateways have rather stringent criteria for signing up and it is possible to complain directly to them, if you experience problems.
  • We have a security certificate installed on our website which encrypts all data processed
  • We also allow for EFT payments to be made and these, of course, can be reversed by registering a dispute with your bank.
  • Making payments and receiving your books are therefore as safe as we can make them!

2 . I was going through Checkout and something went wrong and now the books I want are all out of stock

When something goes wrong during Checkout, our system reserves the books for you and your order status will show that the order is pending. If you then try to place the order again, you will see a message next to each book, saying the requested quantity is not available (unless we have more than one copy of the book available, of course).

If the books still show as out of stock or that the requested quantity is unavailable, you can contact us to resolve the problem.