About Us

BooksAgain is an online retailer of used books, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our mission is to provide used books at affordable prices (especially in these times of economic recession!). As lovers of books we know many of you need a steady diet of good reading and we hope to be a supplier of that.

BooksAgain is a subsidiary of Quiddity, a small-business web hosting provider.

Making book information available electronically is a bit of a tedious task, so bear with us as we add more books to our online catalogue. We are convinced that there are books for everyone on our site!

We have attempted to make our site as easy as possible to navigate with only two broad starting-points at the top of the page. From there you can browse through numerous fiction and non-fiction categories. Describing books accurately can be somewhat tricky, so here's how we describe a book's condition:

New: Exactly as it says; you can give this book as a present and no-one would know you got it from a used store!
As New: Pretty much new; very few, if any creases on the spine, probably read only once or twice by someone careful of not cracking the spine (we like those people!)
Very Good: Some creases on the spine, perhaps minor bumping on the corners of the book; if hardcover, the dustjacket could show some shelf-wear.
Good: A few creases, perhaps a small tear or two on the dustjacket; spine could be leaning forward.
Fair: Good enough to read and still looks quite okay; not in a wonderful condition, though (yes, a pretty vague description, we know).
Poor but Readable: Not a book you'd want to keep on your shelf for display-purposes but perfect for a good read. 

In general our books are described as in a slightly worse condition than they actually are. In that way we hope you will rather be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly upset! We trust that you will find our selection and our service to be outstanding. We're just as annoyed as you are when service is terrible.

May your shopping experience at BooksAgain be a productive one (for you and us!).

The Two BooksAgain Guys