As a token of our appreciation for your support, we offer customers the opportunity to earn loyalty points, known as BookBucks, on our site.

10 BookBucks are worth R1


Earning BookBucks:

You can earn BookBucks in the following ways:

  • By creating an account, you earn 50 BookBucks (R5)
  • By ordering from us, you earn BookBucks on the total of the order but excluding the shipping costs.
  • For example, if the total (excluding shipping) of your order is R360, then you earn 360 BookBucks which means that you have R36 available to use on a future purchase.
    BUT: BookBucks expire after two months; our system will send you a notice when your BookBucks are about to expire.

Spending BookBucks:

You can use your BookBucks as part of your payment on a new order. During Checkout you will see a BookBucks option where you can indicate how many of your BookBucks you'd like to use for your current order.

Please note:

  • BookBucks cannot be used to pay for shipping.
  • You do not earn BookBucks on orders where you spend BookBucks.

Viewing your BookBucks:

You can see your BookBucks history and current BookBucks total in your account.