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February's Son (2019)

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1973's Bloody January was bad enough for Detective Harry McCoy: it's a miracle he lived to tell the tale. But three weeks on, the waters of Glasgow corruption seem to be creeping up around his feet once again. With one gang lord dead, the brokers of Glasgow vice are competing for control. Which means violence is coming. And it doesn't help that Cooper, McCoy's oldest friend, is one of the contenders in the new power vacuum. Then a case lands on his desk that would turn anyone's stomach. Murdered corpses are being found in abandoned buildings around the city, macabre messages carved onto their bare flesh. Just another dark day for Detective Harry McCoy.
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Bodies are piling up with grisly messages carved into their chests. Rival gangs are competing for control of Glasgow’s underworld and it seems that Cooper, McCoy’s oldest gangster friend, is tangled up in it all.

Detective Harry McCoy’s first day back at work couldn’t have gone worse.

New drugs have arrived in Glasgow, and they’ve brought a different kind of violence to the broken city. The law of the street is changing and now demons from McCoy’s past are coming back to haunt him. But vengeance always carries a price, and it could cost McCoy more than he ever imagined.

The waters of Glasgow corruption are creeping higher, as the wealthy and dangerous play for power. And the city’s killer continues his dark mission.

Can McCoy keep his head up for long enough to solve the case?

Bruised and battered from the events of Bloody January, McCoy returns for a breathless ride through the ruthless world of 1970s Glasgow.

Additional Info

Author Alan Parks
Publisher Canongate
Place London
Year 2019-01-31
ISBN 9781786894175
Binding Paperback
Condition Good

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