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The American Civil War and the Wars of the Nineteenth Century

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The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in America's history, comprising 149 general engagements of importance and 2200 skirmishes. Trace the course of this seminal confrontation, including such factors as generalship, staff work, organization, intelligence, and logistics, to see how they affected the shape and decisions of the battlefield. Look closely at the strengths and weakness of the opposing sides--the North's industrial power and the South's material shortages, for example--and the effect of new weaponry on tactics. And, unlike histories that downplay the connection between the outcome in the United States and the conflicts in Europe, this one reveals their interconnection by also examining the Crimean War and Prussia's battles with Austria and France.
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The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history and a defining moment of the nineteenth century. In this concise and authoritative volume, Brian Holden Reid -- a leading expert on the subject -- reveals how industrialization and emerging methods of mass production gave birth to a new age of warfare, most dramatically represented in the unprecedented destruction and mass casualties of the American Civil War.

Detailed, chronological history of the strategic and operational dimensions of both the Northern and Southern campaigns Strengths and weaknesses of the opposing sides Fresh perspectives on the war's global context Culmination of the war, peace negotiations, and their ramifications for the future.

Additional Info

Author Brian Holden Reid
Publisher Cassell
Place London
Year 2002-09-28
ISBN 9780304363643
Binding Paperback
Condition As New

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